Airstream Ice Maker


Good morning, Peeps!

If you follow our YouTube channel you might have noticed we just released an episode about ice. As trivial as ice sounds, it’s not! Well…maybe a little. I’m lining up a few more luxuries for our travel to Colorado and one of the items on my checklist for a while has been a counter-top ice maker for the Airstream.

We used to make ice using trays of course, but certain people in my orbit have a habit of picking out one or two cubes at a time and not refilling the trays (you know who you are!!!). And the tyranny of  the Airstream is you’re already so spoiled by the comforts of home like internet and satellite not having an automatic ice maker stands out. I did say we were spoiled.

So behold, my solution is presented thusly:

One thing I didn’t squeeze into the video though – searching Amazon for ice makers is a curious exercise. There seems to be a hard ceiling pinning virtually every unit at about $180. Price fixing?


Still, I landed on the Vremi counter-top ice maker, part number VRM010636N. Mostly I selected it for the the stylish looks, and their consistency with the Airstream. But I also looked at the reviews. This consumer nailed my one little gripe about this machine precisely.

Amazon Review

Based on what I showed you in the video, is this honest advertising?


Peace out!

Crested Butte 2019!


Evening, Peeps!

Guess where we’re going to Airstream this summer???!!! I have secured six weeks remote travel and we’re heading to Crested Butte in July and Silverton in August!

Summer 2019 Map

Think we’re excited?

Um… Y E S!

So seriously, I’m losing my mind with excitement. If y’all have any ideas for things you want us to post/vlog/record please comment on this post. One of the ideas we’ve got brewing is a scenic tour covering Colorado 92. We’re going to make a weekend drive through some of the best country the Rockies has to offer.

Colorado 92 Tour

Obviously since I do enjoy this tiny little thing called mountain biking, I’ll also be bringing you plenty of content about the Evolution Bike Park. Plus I’m planning a ride on Teocalli Ridge, which is going to be bonkers.

In the meantime, if you’re from Colorado or you’ve been there and there’s something you really think we should do around Crested Butte and/or Silverton please comment on this post!

Peace out, I look forward to hearing from you!


700 Watt JL Audio Thumpstream!


Good morning, Peeps!

Several weeks before Fred and I made our 2019 Moab migration I began working in earnest to replace the Airstream’s stock stereo system; primarily because the Clarion head unit was near death. But I’ve also disliked the factory speakers for some time so this was the chance to finally make a fix. Mind you the Clarion speakers weren’t horrible, they’re just designed for a low power application and therefore come off dull and garbled. For me this was hard to swallow since my home system is Bowers & Wilkins speakers matched to Parasound amps; very high end stuff.

Enter Unique Car Audio.

I think these guys should really advertise they do mobile audio, as in – anything that moves on water or wheels. They put stereos in cars, trucks, boats, UTVs and yes, even Airstreams. So we took the Airstream down to Gilbert, a suburb of Phoenix, and got down to business.



I selected JL Audio for the sound equipment because I found the speakers bright, crisp and punchy. With a high-pass filter in place the mids only drive mid+high frequencies leaving out muddy bass. The mids also accommodate coaxial mounted tweeters which saves on space but makes no compromises on sound quality. The sub drives a really rich deep bass with no overtones. JL Audio also manufactures some of their equipment in the US, which is consistent with the rest of the Airstream’s Americana theme.

The final wiring diagram for this upgrade looks like this.

Total Schematic 2

For those of you interested in part numbers:

JL 12" Subwoofer
Part# 12W3v3-2
Qty: 1

JL 5 Channel Class D Marine System
Amplifier 700 Watts
Part# M700/5
Qty: 1

JL 6.5" Convertible Component/
Coaxial Speaker System
Part# C3-650
Qty: 2

JVC 2-DIN Receiver
Part# KW-M75BT
Qty: 1

Pioneer 2-DIN Installation Kit
Part# ADT-VA133
Qty: 1

And finally, please enjoy our video with lots and lots of detail!

Peace out!


Review of the 45NRTH Ragnarök MTB Shoes



Evening, Peeps.

We’ll – I’ve gone and bought some new MTB shoes again, this time a set of springtime kicks from 45NRTH called the Ragnarök. Aaaaaaand, you’ll find our review below.

A small update, though. Since we made the video these shoes have relaxed in fit a little so I may have been a little unfair in my rating there. As you can see otherwise I am delighted with the brand. I feel the cost is totally fair for what you get, and the BOA system is holding up well. I do wish they offered other colors but so it goes.

Post any questions here or on the channel and we’ll answer ’em.

With that, I bid you all adieu and peace out!



Hurricane Cliffs St. George UT


Morning, Peeps.

As promised, here’s the last of the St. George edits from 2018. For this segment we rode the Mellow Jem route out at the Hurricane Cliffs. This route is a blend of Jem, Dead Ringer and Connector back to Jem.

The trail overview didn’t mention the real possibility of a horrible death falling off the trail, which is stupidly close to the cliff edge, as you’ll see. But we survived.

Peace out!