I (Had) A Secret


Hi peeps!!

I’ve been keeping a secret. Now I can tell you. Yours truly has been accepted to the 2019 Airstream Customer Council!

I know crazy right? They said 800 folks applied, so pretty crazy odds. Remember in my snarky videos I bobbled my head and said, “Airstream, if you’re listening.” Imagine my surprise when they were listening!

We can’t discuss the details of these meetings but I can say that Airstream has shown an extraordinary interest in understanding what drove each of us to buy an Airstream and I am giving them candid and honest feedback. I am deeply honored to have this opportunity to help improve a product I already think is awesome.

If I haven’t actually said it, if you don’t have an Airstream I highly recommend picking one up ;o)

Now a moment of shameless plugs, here are some recent videos we’ve released for your adventuring pleasure! Peace out my friends, and Silverton, CO videos soon to come!

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