Airstream Ice Maker


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If you follow our YouTube channel you might have noticed we just released an episode about ice. As trivial as ice sounds, it’s not! Well…maybe a little. I’m lining up a few more luxuries for our travel to Colorado and one of the items on my checklist for a while has been a counter-top ice maker for the Airstream.

We used to make ice using trays of course, but certain people in my orbit have a habit of picking out one or two cubes at a time and not refilling the trays (you know who you are!!!). And the tyranny of  the Airstream is you’re already so spoiled by the comforts of home like internet and satellite not having an automatic ice maker stands out. I did say we were spoiled.

So behold, my solution is presented thusly:

One thing I didn’t squeeze into the video though – searching Amazon for ice makers is a curious exercise. There seems to be a hard ceiling pinning virtually every unit at about $180. Price fixing?


Still, I landed on the Vremi counter-top ice maker, part number VRM010636N. Mostly I selected it for the the stylish looks, and their consistency with the Airstream. But I also looked at the reviews. This consumer nailed my one little gripe about this machine precisely.

Amazon Review

Based on what I showed you in the video, is this honest advertising?


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Review of the 45NRTH Ragnarök MTB Shoes



Evening, Peeps.

We’ll – I’ve gone and bought some new MTB shoes again, this time a set of springtime kicks from 45NRTH called the Ragnarök. Aaaaaaand, you’ll find our review below.

A small update, though. Since we made the video these shoes have relaxed in fit a little so I may have been a little unfair in my rating there. As you can see otherwise I am delighted with the brand. I feel the cost is totally fair for what you get, and the BOA system is holding up well. I do wish they offered other colors but so it goes.

Post any questions here or on the channel and we’ll answer ’em.

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The Slickest Bike Racks For You Truck


Fred & Emily

Evening, Peeps!

If you’ve ever ventured into the dark scary forest of bike rack options for your truck, never fear, Fred is here to walk you though the options with a detailed review of his choice of the Yakima Bedrock base rack system and the RockyMounts BrassKnuckles bike mount. This particular combination doesn’t block the rear facing camera, can be used when towing an Airstream and doesn’t interfere with bed storage.

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Review of the 45NRTH Wölvhammer Winter MTB Boot

Fred & Emily

Good evening, Peeps!

We had a lot of fun reviewing Emily’s new winter MTB boots from 45NRTH called the “Wölvhammer”, the details for which you can find here.

Below is our video showing us dunking these things in ice, thrashing them on the trail and in general trying to figure out if they will solve Emily’s cold winter riding feet problem.

Happy riding and we hope you enjoy the show.

E1.12 Review of the RockShox Pike RCT3 Fork

Emily & Fred

Morning, Peeps!

Alas the day finally came and I killed my 4-year-old Fox fork for good. I’d known for quite a long time it was on the verge so it wasn’t entirely surprised a couple of weeks ago when I began my usual morning ride on Desert Classic only to discover I had no rebound.

Though the price tag filled me with a sense of dread, and I feel as though I have lost an old friend, I was excited to finally move on and upgrade to my dream fork: The Pike RCT3 Dual Position Air, 29+.

I only have a few hours on this new fork but I already have a lot to say about it. So with that in mind, plead head on over to YouTube and enjoy our review of the RockShox Pike RCT3! Therein you will find slow motion amazingness, a little snark and a lot of information about this fork.

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E1.11 A Tour of Airstream MTB’s International Serenity Part 2

Emily & Fred

Morning, Peeps!

As promised, we have the follow-up episode on our 2016 International Serenity ready for your viewing pleasure. This time, all about the insides!

E1.11 A Tour of Airstream MTB’s International Serenity Part 2

Herein we explore every nook and cranny of the Airstream, carry out some trim repair and discuss aspects of living full-time.

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E1.10 A Tour of Airstream MTB’s International Serenity Part 1

Emily & Fred

Evening, Peeps!

We’re excited, like…. quivering geeky day-before-Christmas excited!

Please join us and enjoy our 10th YouTube episode as we share a detailed exterior walk-through of our 2016 Airstream International Serenity 30′! We’ve been waiting months to make this video and it’s finally here!

And yes, if you were wondering, this video is different. After living in this Airstream for over a year we have many observations to share, so unlike many Airstream aficionados we’re not shy about pointing out where the Airstream falls short. We hope that after watching this video not only will you come away as much of an Airstream enthusiast as we are, but also a realist about what to expect from these metal monsters.

And fear not, we’re following this video up next week with an interior walk-through that offers even more detail.

Oh, and…. Airstream MTB is now on Facebook!!

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