E1.12 Review of the RockShox Pike RCT3 Fork

Emily & Fred

Morning, Peeps!

Alas the day finally came and I killed my 4-year-old Fox fork for good. I’d known for quite a long time it was on the verge so it wasn’t entirely surprised a couple of weeks ago when I began my usual morning ride on Desert Classic only to discover I had no rebound.

Though the price tag filled me with a sense of dread, and I feel as though I have lost an old friend, I was excited to finally move on and upgrade to my dream fork: The Pike RCT3 Dual Position Air, 29+.

I only have a few hours on this new fork but I already have a lot to say about it. So with that in mind, plead head on over to YouTube and enjoy our review of the RockShox Pike RCT3! Therein you will find slow motion amazingness, a little snark and a lot of information about this fork.

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E1.11 A Tour of Airstream MTB’s International Serenity Part 2

Emily & Fred

Morning, Peeps!

As promised, we have the follow-up episode on our 2016 International Serenity ready for your viewing pleasure. This time, all about the insides!

E1.11 A Tour of Airstream MTB’s International Serenity Part 2

Herein we explore every nook and cranny of the Airstream, carry out some trim repair and discuss aspects of living full-time.

So with that, we again bid you adieu, enjoy, comment, participate, subscribe, and live well!

– Peace

E1.10 A Tour of Airstream MTB’s International Serenity Part 1

Emily & Fred

Evening, Peeps!

We’re excited, like…. quivering geeky day-before-Christmas excited!

Please join us and enjoy our 10th YouTube episode as we share a detailed exterior walk-through of our 2016 Airstream International Serenity 30′! We’ve been waiting months to make this video and it’s finally here!

And yes, if you were wondering, this video is different. After living in this Airstream for over a year we have many observations to share, so unlike many Airstream aficionados we’re not shy about pointing out where the Airstream falls short. We hope that after watching this video not only will you come away as much of an Airstream enthusiast as we are, but also a realist about what to expect from these metal monsters.

And fear not, we’re following this video up next week with an interior walk-through that offers even more detail.

Oh, and…. Airstream MTB is now on Facebook!!

So with that, we bid you adieu, enjoy, comment, participate, subscribe, and live well!

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Lifeproof Phone Case and Quad Lock Bike Kit



Whenever we travel to mountain bike destinations, we like to plan out our rides using MTB Project or Strava. It becomes quite frustrating when you need to stop and pull out your phone at a trail intersection to determine which direction to go.

To solve this problem, I picked up the Quad Lock Universal Bike Kit which includes the stem mount, o-rings, zip ties and the universal mount (on the Lifeproof case pictured above). I had picked up the Lifeproof case about 3 years ago when I got my iPhone 6. Instead of getting a new case it made sense to pick up the universal kit and just stick it on the back.

Lifeproof FRĒ

The case is expensive but it does a great job of keeping the phone contaminant free on our dusty rides in the desert. When the occasional rain does come, the phone is well protected from water. I like the case since it’s slim and you can still fit your phone in your pants pocket. The phone has been dropped several times over the years and I have yet to damage it.

The only issues I have come across is using the speaker phone. Some people have trouble hearing me so it forces me to speak close to the microphone. I also had a few issues with the touch screen (apps I didn’t select would start up) and sometimes the finger print reader doesn’t work.

QUAD Lock Bike Kit

As you can tell from the video above, the system has been working well. All of that bouncing around and the phone stays put. When I first used the system I was paranoid and kept looking down to make sure the phone was still on the bike. When I finished the ride, I had forgotten how to get the phone free and I couldn’t pull it off (to unlock the device, you just need to push down on the blue ring).

The only concern I have is if one of the o-rings fails and my phone flies off the stem. I’m sure the phone case would hold up, as long as I can find the phone. If that were to happen we would use the Find Friends app to locate the phone.

I try not to ride crazy, but every now and then there is the opportunity to endo and break the phone. I guess that is a good reason to get insurance.


I would give both the Quad Lock bike mount and Lifeproof phone case a thumbs up. Eventually I will upgrade my phone and I will need a new case so maybe I’ll try the Quad Lock case and give it a review.

2016 GMC 2500 HD Denali 2018 Navigation System Map Update


Evening, Peeps.

In our ‘about’ page we mention this blog concerns Airstreams, mountain bikes and the things we buy to feed our habit.

To that end, meet Dee. She’s my 2016 2500 HD Denali.

I like Dee.

A lot.



I bought Dee to tow the Airstream and she does a really good job at that. Witness her might in the Rocky Mountains.


See that white stuff on the mountains back there? We were up there!

Ahem – anyway, I digress.

So, Dee…

Considering that this is one of the best machines I have owned in my entire life, and that I paid somewhere around $80,000 for it, I was somewhat perplexed at the slapdash way she updates her maps.

Consider this:

  • Are the maps updated through that fancy built-in WiFi? No.


  • Are the maps updated through the fancy always on boosted cell connectivity and OnStar? No.


  • Are they updated with a cheesy USB stick shipped via snail-mail? Yes.




You open this very technical package and slap this little pinky into an available USB slot in the rig.


After $160 out of my pocket the first attempt at this the stick was corrupt. This triggered a month of RMAs, phone calls, lost shipments and utter ineptitude on the part of the folks who ship this silly thing.

Nonetheless, I finally received another USB stick today and alas, success!




I give this map update strategy a thumbs down. GMC, if you’re listening – let us update this thing over the internet, you’re so close already!