Airstream Ice Maker


Good morning, Peeps!

If you follow our YouTube channel you might have noticed we just released an episode about ice. As trivial as ice sounds, it’s not! Well…maybe a little. I’m lining up a few more luxuries for our travel to Colorado and one of the items on my checklist for a while has been a counter-top ice maker for the Airstream.

We used to make ice using trays of course, but certain people in my orbit have a habit of picking out one or two cubes at a time and not refilling the trays (you know who you are!!!). And the tyranny of¬† the Airstream is you’re already so spoiled by the comforts of home like internet and satellite not having an automatic ice maker stands out. I did say we were spoiled.

So behold, my solution is presented thusly:

One thing I didn’t squeeze into the video though – searching Amazon for ice makers is a curious exercise. There seems to be a hard ceiling pinning virtually every unit at about $180. Price fixing?


Still, I landed on the Vremi counter-top ice maker, part number VRM010636N. Mostly I selected it for the the stylish looks, and their consistency with the Airstream. But I also looked at the reviews. This consumer nailed my one little gripe about this machine precisely.

Amazon Review

Based on what I showed you in the video, is this honest advertising?


Peace out!

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