700 Watt JL Audio Thumpstream!


Good morning, Peeps!

Several weeks before Fred and I made our 2019 Moab migration I began working in earnest to replace the Airstream’s stock stereo system; primarily because the Clarion head unit was near death. But I’ve also disliked the factory speakers for some time so this was the chance to finally make a fix. Mind you the Clarion speakers weren’t horrible, they’re just designed for a low power application and therefore come off dull and garbled. For me this was hard to swallow since my home system is Bowers & Wilkins speakers matched to Parasound amps; very high end stuff.

Enter Unique Car Audio.

I think these guys should really advertise they do mobile audio, as in – anything that moves on water or wheels. They put stereos in cars, trucks, boats, UTVs and yes, even Airstreams. So we took the Airstream down to Gilbert, a suburb of Phoenix, and got down to business.



I selected¬†JL Audio for the sound equipment because I found the speakers bright, crisp and punchy. With a high-pass filter in place the mids only drive mid+high frequencies leaving out muddy bass. The mids also accommodate coaxial mounted tweeters which saves on space but makes no compromises on sound quality. The sub drives a really rich deep bass with no overtones. JL Audio also manufactures some of their equipment in the US, which is consistent with the rest of the Airstream’s Americana theme.

The final wiring diagram for this upgrade looks like this.

Total Schematic 2

For those of you interested in part numbers:

JL 12" Subwoofer
Part# 12W3v3-2
Qty: 1

JL 5 Channel Class D Marine System
Amplifier 700 Watts
Part# M700/5
Qty: 1

JL 6.5" Convertible Component/
Coaxial Speaker System
Part# C3-650
Qty: 2

JVC 2-DIN Receiver
Part# KW-M75BT
Qty: 1

Pioneer 2-DIN Installation Kit
Part# ADT-VA133
Qty: 1

And finally, please enjoy our video with lots and lots of detail!

Peace out!


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