30th Annual Arizona Renaissance Festival

Emily & Silent Partner

Afternoon, Peeps.

Today we Airstreamed the 30th Annual Arizona Renaissance Festival.


Ok, we didn’t actually take the Airstream to the renaissance festival, but that’s the kind of truth in advertising you get on a free blog so call your congressman!

The Festival

I’m a nerd – so sue me. I’ve been going to the Arizona Renaissance Festival for 20 years. I like it because this festival essentially signals the beginning of spring in Arizona. I also like it because I can go if I want to. There aren’t any corporations telling me it’s time to give thanks, then to give gifts, and then to give chocolate. Instead I feel the urge to be with my peeps, soak up the atmosphere and revel in good food and bad accents.

Things you can expect at the Arizona Renaissance Festival include:

  • Unbelievable food
  • Countless live shows & performances
  • An artisan marketplace that would take days to fully absorb
  • Jousting!


The Food

Arguably the Arizona Renaissance Festival is defined by its food. At least, it is for me. You can find every possible delight here. In no particular order this includes alcohol, turkey legs, mediterranean, soups in bread bows, confections, pizza, jerky, snow-cones, and more.

I always hit the crepe stand, it’s my kryptonite.


Just to reiterate this – the food is good! It isn’t your typical overpriced event gruel either. It’s fresh, satisfying, and honestly, for food in the middle of a Renaissance throwback in the middle of the desert, not a bad price either.


The Shows

Along with the amazing food, the Arizona Renaissance Festival is boiling over with amazing acts, shows and performers.


My favorite act by far is Tartanic. I’ve been watching these guys for 13 years and they just keep getting better. They are self-described “Renaissance Rock Stars” or more commonly “Men Without Pants”.


Grayhound Rescue

We love critters, so we always stop by and give a few bucks to the Greyhounds of Fairhaven.

The London Broil Show

This year we caught The London Broil Show, a comedy ensemble that happens to juggle…with fire. Given there were epic winds today these guys has the audience rolling.


Check out the wind on the tent up to the right (and the juggling of course).

The Carillon & Cast in Bronze

This thing is called a carillon. It’s an instrument played by Cast in Bronze. Unbelievable.



The festival is filled with incredible costumes and performers. They of course depend on tips so we are happy to drop a few bucks here and there.







The Marketplace

One of the incredible things about the Arizona Renaissance Festival is the size. Over the 20 years I’ve been coming they just keep improving it. According to the Wikipedia it sits on 30 acres and routinely sees attendance north of 250,000 visitors. That’s a lot of space and they’ve filled every nook and cranny with a vibrant artisan marketplace.




Dragon Slide

Who doesn’t like a good dragon slide?










Note Sure



Wind Chimes


Morbid Dungeon Stuff


The Jousting!

Ah yes…

The jousting. The jousting goes on all day so this is the most important schedule to glance at when you get in.

20180219_235507362_iOS (2)

The weather was so misserable today we left earlier than normal, but we caught the Lord Mayor’s Joust run by the mistress of ceremony.


You can also torment the opposing team.


Our knight was fifteen! He is a trainee.



And then the pros rush at each other with lances!


And finally, a winner!



What else is there to say.

Great food, great performances, great market and great jousting! All for the price of $26. I should point out we scored a 2-for-1 coupon for our Presidents Day visit, but I still think the admission is well worth the price.


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