2016 GMC 2500 HD Denali 2018 Navigation System Map Update


Evening, Peeps.

In our ‘about’ page we mention this blog concerns Airstreams, mountain bikes and the things we buy to feed our habit.

To that end, meet Dee. She’s my 2016 2500 HD Denali.

I like Dee.

A lot.



I bought Dee to tow the Airstream and she does a really good job at that. Witness her might in the Rocky Mountains.


See that white stuff on the mountains back there? We were up there!

Ahem – anyway, I digress.

So, Dee…

Considering that this is one of the best machines I have owned in my entire life, and that I paid somewhere around $80,000 for it, I was somewhat perplexed at the slapdash way she updates her maps.

Consider this:

  • Are the maps updated through that fancy built-in WiFi? No.


  • Are the maps updated through the fancy always on boosted cell connectivity and OnStar? No.


  • Are they updated with a cheesy USB stick shipped via snail-mail? Yes.




You open this very technical package and slap this little pinky into an available USB slot in the rig.


After $160 out of my pocket the first attempt at this the stick was corrupt. This triggered a month of RMAs, phone calls, lost shipments and utter ineptitude on the part of the folks who ship this silly thing.

Nonetheless, I finally received another USB stick today and alas, success!




I give this map update strategy a thumbs down. GMC, if you’re listening – let us update this thing over the internet, you’re so close already!

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