Portable Park – “Get Out” While Sheltering In Place


Hey, Peeps!

It’s been a pretty rough time for the country and the world during the Coronavirus pandemic. Airstream is affected just like everyone else, and sadly our Airstream Customer Council finale has been cancelled due to the personal exposure risks. This is of course terribly disappointing for me since the past year has been an awesome experience meeting with Airstream and telling them what I think of their products. Our final get-together was supposed to include face-to-face meetings with all the ACC members and a tour of the new factory. At least Airstream does suggests the Terra Port may be online later in the year.

In the meantime, Airstream is getting creative and they have released a nice shelter-in-place-helper called Portable Park. It’s a nice IMAX style page where you can look out your virtual Airstream widow and fantasize about your next adventure when the lock-down madness ends.

Peace out and enjoy Airstream’s Portable Park!