Airstreaming Moab, Utah – Day 3 & 4

Emily & Silent Partner

Morning, Peeps.

Welcome to day 3 and 4 of our not-quite-as-live-as-I’d-like blog from Moab. Today we’re coming to you from the Eklecticafe where exceptional eats and coffees are found aplenty.


I’m blogging from here because cell coverage on the Colorado stinks, even with the booster. So we took a nice lazy morning to imbibe some flavored caffeine, eat some delicious strudel and share the past couple days in photos and prose.

Leaving Slickrock Campground

We left Slickrock campground but not before a furry-friend sendoff.


I have some ambiguity about this campground. The prices were high, but possibly not out of line when you consider being in the heart of town. The facilities were used – hard – but the staff was friendly, and they sold beer at the front desk. The electrical connections at the site bordered on a fire hazard, but the pads were clean, shade covered and otherwise well maintained.

I suppose my conclusion is I would come back, but probably again just as a mid-point while trying to land a better location on the Colorado.

Camping the Colorado

On day 3 of our adventure we moved to Goose Island Campground.


Goose Island is a remarkable BLM facility located not much more than a mile east of Moab on Utah 126.

We like this campground because it’s close to town yet limited to a couple dozen sites nestled up against a dramatic bend in the Colorado River. For $15/night you get unbelievable views of the river and epic sandstone cliffs worked meticulously by water and wind.



The campground offers trash collection and immaculately kept vault toilets but no water. Generator hours are a little odd at 8AM to 8PM, though we understand everyone wants to enjoy the outdoors in quiet.

Being so close to town this campground is busy. All sites are walk-ups so prospective campers (including ourselves) troll the area at all hours trying to score a spot. It’s also not entirely unusual for outside campers to stop by and drop trash in the receptacles, though there not supposed to. Given the amount of activity around here it’s understandable.

As I mentioned earlier, cell coverage here stinks. With the booster I can get internet but it’s too flaky to upload pictures for the blog. Still it’s entirely sufficient for texts and email.

Lastly as seen above foliage is light making satellite reception a snap.

Dead Horse Point State Park Take 2

In an effort to economize on our three-day pass to Dead Horse Point State Park, we rode there again on Day 4. You can read up on the trail details in our previous post here. Below are a few more non-mountain biking highlights.

More Flowers



The Point of the Point

The point of the point is this.



I’ve been to the Grand Canyon numerous times but I find this view infinitely more rewarding. It’s still grand, but somehow more intimate.






A Little Moab Walkabout

On Day 3 we spent some time in Moab grabbing food  and groceries. We highly recommend the Moab Brewery. Patio seating is the best.


Eddie McStiff’s has awesome Pizza, though oddly not until after 3.


The Moab Information Center right next door has a gorgeous garden.



To be continued….

We’re lazing around today, I might ride North 40 if I can get out of vacation mode – you’ll find out tomorrow. Peace!

Airstreaming Moab, Utah – Day 2

Emily & Silent Partner

Evening, Peeps.

Welcome to day two of our live blog from Moab! So to begin, how else do you start a day in Moab but with WAFFLES!!!



All The Stuffs!

I mentioned yesterday that Moab is an outdoor Disney Land. Witness the temple to capitalism that is Moab’s main drag!

Poison Spider Bicycles

A quick shout out to Poison Spider Bicycles.



These guys are polite and professional, and have repaired massive damage on my rig fast. They also run a fleet a shuttles all over Moab and rent out a shower for dirty riders. Prices are fair and the service is impeccable.

Stop by for some swag if you have time.

Camping The Colorado

Moab abuts the Colorado river and this swollen aquatic byway underpins a huge portion of “things to do” here. Of interest to us, BLM built multiple campgrounds along the river with limited services but great prices. We’re moving to one of those campgrounds tomorrow.


There’s a sick paved bike path that leads from Moab all the way to Gemini Bridges; crossing the Colorado on a bridge-made-art.





Canyonlands National Park

Though we did not ride Canyonlands today Utah 313 takes you to to Dead Horse Point State Park and though unbelievable scenery on its way to Canyonlands.




Mountain Biking Dead Horse Point State Park

Today we rode Dead Horse Point State Park. Sadly yes, some horses did die here long ago, but not anymore. The park is $15 for a single vehicle, and the pass is good for three days. There is no water here though there is a small manned kiosk willing to relieve you of your money along with a beautiful visitors center.


Suiting up in the parking lot we noticed there’s a theme but not sure what it is….


We rode the entire perimeter of the Intrepid Trail System. The park is at 5,900′ (1,800 m) and sadly I noticed the altitude immediately today.

Great Pyramid

We like to ride the trail system counter clockwise and the first leg, Great Pyramid, offers spectacular eastern views.



The La Sals

As always the La Sal mountains look on, snow capped and beautiful.



Big Chief

The entire Intrepid System ranges from green to advanced blue. The Big Chief trail is a glorious blue.



Desert Flowers

Flowers are few and far between but they can be found this time of year.

Slickrock O’ Plenty

The Whiptail and Twisted Tree trails offer miles of advanced blue slickrock.




Slickrock is a sandstone rock that defines the entire Moab region. It’s called slickrock because early setters had trouble with steel horseshoes slipping of the “slick” rock.



To be continued….

Tomorrow we’re leaving Slickrock Campground for a site on the river. The ride wiped us out today so we’re not going tomorrow but expect lots of pictures of the Colorado. Peace!

Airstreaming Moab, Utah – Day 1

Emily & Silent Partner

Evening, Peeps.

There’s an outdoor Disney Land in Utah. Here you will find Mountain Biking, Sky Diving, Zip Lining, Hiking, Camping, RVing, Kayaking, White Water Rafting, Boating, 4x4ing, Road Cycling, Rock Climbing and a host of other ‘ings’ I have already forgotten because there is presently more than one beer in me (how many is my secret to keep).

This place is called Moab. And we’re going to share it with you right now.

It is one of the best placed on Earth.

Oh yes it is.

Why Moab?

We come to Moab every year. Yes – of course – for the mountain biking. But Moab is one of those places we have been telling you about. It’s special. You sense it the instant you come here. And there’s a lot of here to explore. Enjoy the next six days and vacation with us in this amazing place.

To Moab!

Today we left Phoenix and made our way through Flagstaff.

Still a Little Snow on the San Francisco Peaks

Usually we’re the only Airstream around but we saw a dozen of them on the road today. Weird.

Airstream Convention in Tuba City?

Then through Blanding & Monticello.


Towering wind turbines generate controversy

And finally the gorgeous La Sal Mountains beckon.

La Sal Mountain Range

We’re staying a couple days at the Slickrock Campground in Moab and then moving on to a spot on the Colorado Riven when all the weekenders go home.



To be continued….

Tomorrow we’re going to bike on a mountain using mountain bikes, I will bring you plenty of pictures and more information about Moab. Peace!