Honda EU7000is Generator Two-Year Maintenance

Fred & Emily

Afternoon, Peeps!

You know the perfect pick-me-up for a lazy summer afternoon? Generator maintenance! That’s right – after Fred and I published our first video on the Honda EU7000is generator we were blown away at the number of views. So we’re back with some friendly maintenance on our little red powerhouse with a two year checkup including an oil change, new air filter, spark plug and fuel filter.

And this is no accident, we’re planning a trip to the White Mountains jut for you, our wonderful audience, so we need some keen kilowatts for the Airstream on that trip. With that teaser in mind, watch our amazing maintenance video here! Fred definitely doesn’t drop anything in a pan of oil and Emily definitely doesn’t put here fingers on lens.

Ahem. Awkward.

Anyway, as always, be well, we’ll see you soon from the White Mountains.

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