Six Seconds for YouTube

Fred, Emily & Anna

Evening, Peeps.

We’re exhausted.

Today was the culmination of an astonishing amount of work to make just six seconds of video for our YouTube introduction sequence.  This is more or less Emily’s fault as she insisted on an aerial opening which triggered a quixotic quest to find someplace in Arizona that actually allowed drones.

Alas, we found the ideal location on some Arizona trust land north of Phoenix.


OK, the site took some prep but seriously, it was incredible. Tall saguaros, beautiful scenery – baby blue skies. We really couldn’t have had a better day for the shoot. Look at this place!


Flag Aerial

Flag Aerial performed all the videography. These guys are incredibly friendly and clearly excited to work their craft. Meet the team, Scott and Gary respectively.

Who wouldn’t be excited, they get to play with this stuff for a living.


The Shoot

We accumulated an immense amount of aerial video today, which we will feed into future episodes. But the primary objective for this shoot was our introduction sequence. Getting right down to business we begin with a creative meeting.


Then lots of very serious posing.



…in which Emily bossed everyone around.


For future episodes we also shot some very impressive riding scenes.




Our Resident Photographer

All the photos in today’s blog were taken by Fred’s better half, Anna. She has her degree in photography and that’s no accident, her work on this shoot was jaw-dropping.

You don’t need to fly to take great pictures.



We will bring you more of her incredible work in future blogs!


Despite interference from a local radio tower and a little dehydration, shooting only took an hour or so. We finished up with a selfie from on-high!


If you need drone video services we definitely recommend Flag Aerial!

And once again, feel free to visit our YouTube channel for our premier episode.


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