Mountain Biking the Phoenix Sonoran Preserve


Afternoon, peeps.

Today we caught a ride at the Phoenix Sonoran Preserve. one of my favorite rides in the valley.


While enjoying this superb trail system we observed an unusual event – a liquid substance began falling from the sky.

Further analysis reveals this substance to be water.


Consulting residents on local legends suggests this phenomenon is called rain. I have my doubts but I know what I saw.

As for the ride, my favorite loop is the Sonoran Desert Loop. Somewhere around 13mi (21km) and 1100ft (335m) of climbing, the ride is a mixture of easy greens and moderate blues.


This ride makes for unbelievable views of of the desert and offers a friendly cast of hikers and other mountain bikers, somewhat of a rarity here.

On days when it doesn’t rain here (aka almost all the time) you can catch some pretty amazing views of the local hot air balloons.


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